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The Project: 


Thanks to generous donations from IHSAN individual members in the weeks following the devastating January 2010 earthquake, we raised enough money to support our partner Global Volunteer Network Foundation’s (GVNF) teams on the ground in Haiti.  GVNF identified an orphanage in Jacmel, approximately three hours from Port-a-Prince, which had not received any international support and the number of children had doubled to over 200 after the earthquake.  IHSAN’s funds allowed GVNF to expand the orphanage and build a community center.  IHSAN’s donations helped with the construction, water and sanitation needs, as well as allowed for schooling to be conducted onsite so the orphans – those from before the earthquake and after – continue to get the education they deserve.   The community center is located between two camps and provides a focal point for the community to meet, spend time and learn. The community center provided English classes to the local community and provided a number of other benefits and activities for the children and community such as:


  • A ‘Child Safe Zone’ where they could partake in fun activities such as art classes and learning opportunities

  • Grief counseling

  • Health clinic offering vaccinations and check-us to camp inhabitants


The community center provided post-disaster assistance to approximately 150 children and 150 adults and proved to be a fantastic place for the community to gather, heal and learn. In January of 2011 GVNF ended their post-disaster volunteer program and the community center was subsequently closed. However, GVNF felt that its role, to provide post disaster support in the wake of the Haitian Earthquake tragedy was achieved through this community center and through IHSAN’s incredible support.

Operating Partner : Global Volunteer Network Foundation


The GVN Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization in the United States with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Its mission is to support the work of charitable organizations around the world that assist children and women. In the past GVN has been involved with various development and relief projects including raising $33,000 for the Haiti earthquake victims. As a part of the Haiti earth-quake relief effort, with the help of IHSAN and other donors, GVNF helped set up a community center that provided post-disaster assistance to 150 adults and 200 children. The center provided several forms of relief assistance including providing a Health clinic, a ‘Child Safe Zone' (A place for children to play and learn) and grief counseling. Additionally, the center provided classes for children in fields such as arts and languages.  In Ghana, GVNF has worked with 'Children Better Way' (CBW) to help Liberian refugees in the Buduburam Refugee Camp.  For more information please visit :



 Haiti community center in action 

Baloons at Haiti community center 

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