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Josh Etkind, Shell Upstream Deepwater Digital Transformation Manager has over 20 years of energy industry experience leading global teams to deliver mega projects and step-change innovations.  Etkind is a Petroleum Engineer by background, a certified Sustainability Practitioner, and a Fellow of the Loyola University Institute of Environmental Communications. He concurrently serves as CEO of Sanitation for All. Having previously served on the SPE BoD from '07-'10, he is now President of the SPE Gaia Sustainability Program and Chairperson of the SPE Sustainable Development Technical Section. He has received numerous awards and recognitions including receiving the 2021 SPE International Public Service Award, the 2013 SPE Distinguished Service Award granting him lifetime Distinguished membership, the 2010 American Petroleum Institute Meritorious Service Award, and the 2004 SPE International Young Member Outstanding Service Award. Etkind is an active energy innovator evidenced by two advanced energy-related patents.


Abhishek is based in Singapore and works as a documentary film maker and videographer. He aspires  to live in a world where simplicity is embraced, sustainability is valued and not having a toilet is unheard of. Abhi has Petroleum Engineering degrees from Indian Institute of Technology and Texas A&M University and worked for Chevron for about a decade. As an engineer, Abhishek has been recognized by the Engineers Week Foundation as the 2010 Face of Engineering and by the Society of Petroleum Engineers as the 2009 Outstanding Young Member. He has lived in India, UK, Nigeria  and the US . To learn more about his socially conscious storytelling ,  visit



Based in Washington DC, Mrs. Nunan is a consultant on geopolitical risk and corporate social responsibility for corporations entering emerging markets.  She previously served as the Socioeconomics Advisor for ExxonMobil's projects in the Middle East, and as political advisor for Chevron in Baghdad, Iraq. Prior to her career in the oil and gas sector, she was a Foreign Service Officer for the United States Department of State in the Middle East and Central Asia. She also has experience as a Senior Project Manager for American Airlines and a Project Engineer for a global construction management company. She has travelled to or lived in over 100 countries and completed community development projects in many global locations. She holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Norwich University and an MBA in International Business from the University of Massachusetts. She is recently completed her Masters in International Relations and Conflict Resolution focusing on the role of Multi-National Corporations in socioeconomic development in post-conflict countries.



Madhav has been associated with SFA since 2011 in various capacities. He currently manages the digital media and donation portals of SFA. Madhav received a Masters of Science in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University as a Dow Chemical Fellow. He has been involved with water treatment and environmental projects since 2002, including remediation of coffee pulping water in South India (2002-03), design of thermal membrane networks for NASA's Advanced Life Support Module (2003-05) water injection design and operation for oilfields (2005-2012)  and offshore overboard produced water treatment (2008-2015). Madhav was a Board member of Shell's sustainability network, SEEDS and taught a carbon footprint class to school children as a part of the Google Citizen Schools Initiative. He is currently focused on evaluating decarbonization and GHG monitoring technologies at Chevron Ventures.

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