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The Project: 


IHSAN donations in 2008 contributed to a PlayPump ® system installation in Zambia. A PlayPump system can serve a community of 200 to 500 people for all their water needs, or a school of up to 1,000 children for drinking water and hand-washing while at school.  


PlayPumps International is a dynamic, non-profit collaborative that forges innovative partnerships with individuals, foundations, companies, and governments to improve the lives of African children and families by providing access to clean drinking water, enhancing public health, and while offering playground equipment. All of this is achieved through an innovative piece of playground equipment: the PlayPump® water system. This life-changing invention can provide easy access to clean drinking water, lead to improvements in health, education, gender equality, and economic development, and bring joy to children. PlayPump systems are innovative, sustainable, patented water pumps powered by children at play. IHSAN sponsored the first five Playpumps in Zambia. The cost of a PlayPump water system is USD $14,000. This one-time investment includes the costs for equipment, manufacturing, site evaluation and water testing, and installation. The price does not include the borehole which is usually an in-kind service from partners. 

Technology Spotlight:


PlayPump® systems are water pumps that double as playground equipment.  As children spin on the roundabout, they are pumping clean water into a 660-gallon storage tank.  A simple tap then makes it easy for the community to draw the water. One pump can generate up to 370 gallons of water per hour from a depth of up to 330 feet. Four sides of the storage tank are used for billboards - two sides for educational and health messages and two sides for consumer advertising (the revenue from which pays for future pump maintenance.)  


Testimonial: Peggy Heiser, IHSAN sponsor since 2007


"I was recently in Lusaka, Zambia, visiting a school for orphaned children, which also provides job training for widows and young men.  As I was touring the facility, I looked across the courtyard and saw a Playpump.  I immediately knew exactly what it was, having previously donated to clean water projects through IHSAN.  I was so excited to see one in use, so I went over to watch the children playing on it.  The director noticed my interest and explained that the Playpump provided a vital resource -- clean water-- and also gave the kids a chance to have some fun between classes.  I was very proud to have been part of a similar project, making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.  Keep up the great work IHSAN!"


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